Entre deux mondes



Romain was born in Brussels from parents who have given him the taste for art.
He goes through a happy schooling and learns the techniques of arts, then undertakes the Royal Academy of Arts.
He gives creative workshops at the Royal Museum of Art and History and continues on learning different techniques for mural decoration given by a professional.
Romain starts a journey looking for new horizons. His first steps lead him to Bretagne in France where he settles down for a while at sculptor Jean-Marc Archambault’s house. There, he shares the artist everyday’s life; then he goes on travelling through France and finally arrives in California where he realizes some patterns for textile.
Back to Brussels, he builds up « The Loft », an artistic studio with many artistic talents: digital, musical, costumes… A bunch of happy fellows who decide to create within self-managed freedom!
« The Loft » organizes its first collective exhibitions. Some « pop-ups », fashion parades and wild happenings were growing in Brussels underground universe.
« The Loft » is going on all right, Romain multiplies brushstrokes and interactions. And between different projects he achieves big mural paintings for « Le Cirque Pauwels ».
« The Loft » changes colors. Different official happenings are planned in some mainstream art places : « L’Espace Citoyen », Schaerbeeks’s Hall, « Riches Claires »…And also at private places.
Romain tries on new disciplines. He produces masks and costumes for the show « The Forbidden Band Project » for the Flemish National Theater. Then he goes to the countryside in the South of France to paint mural paintings for the gallery « Le Domaine du Canelet ».
Together with his fellows from « The Loft », he achieves the show scenery for « Les Pranavores » which obtains a good success at « La Chocolaterie » in Brussels.
« Les Pranavores » are selected to host the « Zinneke Parade ». There Romain meets association members of the « Istudio » which develops social and cultural happenings in urban areas. That year was marked for Romain by the loss of one of his mentors, the mathematician Gaspard Bettens… It’s over now to dissipate his activities, it is time for hard work and a more inner painting.
He realizes the exhibition « Illusion » with the « Istudio ». He meets the painter and philosopher Carole Dekeijser who opens new sources of inspiration.
Romain takes the artistic direction of a part of the « Zinneke Parade ». He discovers animation movie with his companion Nathalie Briot and makes a first animated short film « Contre-Temps ».
With Nathalie, Romain participates to the exhibition « Bi » with « Le Collectif 3D ». He builds up other mural paintings in the metro station « Etangs Noirs », together with local youth associations.
Romain travels to the South of Belgium and gets involved in different exhibitions (Parcours d’artistes de Celles, Mesnil l’Eglise). And he extends his participation to the Flemish part of Belgium; his friend Michelle Bush presents him to the painter Lionel van den Boogaerde. That was the start of a beautiful friendship! Romain and Lionel settle a common painting studio in Hoogstraeten, near Antwerp, to paint free minded with the flower on the brush!
Romain composes 23 illustrations for the game “Le Jeu de l’Entre-Deux Mondes” that his mother, the storyteller France Aline Dupont created and realized. He is also invited to present his paintings at the exhibition “Las Belgas” in the art center “Can Tixedo” in Ibiza.
Romain takes part intra organization of an artistic route for the festival “Woodstokje” in Hoogstraeten. There he shows unrevealed paintings which are annunciating a very promising career.


Romain Simon
111 Avenue Van Crombrugghe
Woluwe-Saint-Pierre , 1150 Belgium